Manifestation Wristband

     I SEE         I FEEL          I BELIEVE   

The key elements in manifesting our wants, needs and desires are seeing, feeling and believing. One must be able to image, mentally see and visualize their desires (I See). One also needs to engage their emotions and really feel their desires ( I Feel). And finally one needs to truly believe it now (I Believe).


 How to use the Manifestation Wristband:
The manifestation wristband keep us mindful of our needs and desires in a positive way.Always encouraging us to remain optimistic and positive at every moment.
Listen to the meditation, actively engaging your imagination and emotional body. Order you own Energy Shift Manifestation Wristband, choosing from one of five colors. Use the wristband as a constant reminder of the meditation and how you felt during the guided manifestation meditation. Make a commitment to ware the Manifestation Wristband for at least 40 days. Then for the next 40 days try to listen to the manifestation meditation often, at least once a week and every time you notice your wristband, throughout the day, engage your emotional body and visualize your needs and desires, I see, I Feel & I Believe.

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Order Mindfull Wristband

Order your Manifestation Wristband below via Paypal. Five colors available: Black, Blue Black, Green Black, Blue Green and Violet. All wristbands come with the following gold yellow lettering, “I SEE I FEEL I BELIEVE” . Please note, the picture colors may be slightly different due to screen settings on your pc or picture quality.iseefeelbel3


  Manifestation Wristbands  

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