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What is meditation?

   Meditation is all about focusing inward and witnessing your inner space, your inner environment.  Meditation is about allowing the mind to become still and not actively engaging in the random mental distractions that occur while you are meditating. It is not trying not to think, but accepting the thoughts and distractions that come to mind and becoming the neutral observer.  Meditation is like self hypnosis.  Meditation can be seen as a way of "taking out the garbage" and keeping your inner space clean.  This is why a morning meditation can start your day off right, fresh and clean.


What are the benefits of meditation?

   There are many benefits to meditating.  Meditation benefits your entire body, mind, and energy.  It provides stress relief, allowing you to relax physically and mentally.  Meditation is like taking an inner bath.  So, just as you shower every morning to feel fresh and clean, a morning meditation or daily meditation can have a similar effect.  Making you feel fresh and clean inside and out, mentally and physically.  When we are relaxed and stress free our bodies operate more efficiently, our cells and organs operate at optimun levels and we become less vulnerable to disease and illness.


What is guided meditation?

   Guided meditation is usually lead by a meditation teacher.  The advantage to a guided meditation is that we just have to listen and this prevents one from mentally wondering and not being present.  So a guide mediation helps us to be present.  A guided meditation keeps us mindful of the present moment.  A guided meditation is the perfect meditation for beginners.  

Please select one of the files names above to listen to a guided meditation.

   Each class starts with a brief explanation about meditation, followed by a guided meditation.  You can listen seated or laying down.
  The classes above were recorded live at the East Meadow Library, in East Meadow New York.  This library class is an ongoing free meditation class, open to the public. Every Tuesday's at 10am, join us.
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